As Nosapo's second full year as a 501(c)3 organization comes to a close, we are proud to share our achievements from 2018... 


New Partnerships

Nosapo established two new partnerships:

Associazione Donne Di Benin City: created by and comprised of former victims of trafficking. The women of Benin city know how to connect with the women and girls they serve; sharing a dialect and past is fundamental to the support that they provide.

Differenza Donna: maintains several projects leading women who have experienced gender-based violence to rediscover their identities, their values and competences, to find the will to build a new life.


Arrival Materials for Asylum Seekers

Nosapo developed (separate) materials for asylum seekers arriving to the United States of America and to Italy.

Arriving to the USA: Our USA Arrival Pamphlets were sent to 66 business and organizations working at the USA & Mexico border.

Information in the USA Arrival Pamphlet covers how to apply for asylum safely, with the most accurate direction and current news on United States policies as well as policies in Arizona, California, and Texas. We have also listed key resources such as: social services (housing, meals, clothing), medical/healthcare services, legal aid, support for women, and organizations for children/unaccompanied minors. This information is also available to print in a brochure, abbreviated version in Spanish and English.

Arriving to Italy: In Italy, we distributed over 1,000 Arrival Booklets and over 100 "Know Your Rights" flyers for Unaccompanied Minors. A number booklets were handed directly to migrants and asylum seekers and many other booklets were given to organizations that will continue to distribute them throughout Italy.

Nosapo arrival materials encompass pertinent information for individuals arriving as refugees or asylum seekers to Italy, who may or may not wish to relocate to another country in the European Union. Booklets printed in English, Arabic, French, and Italian encompass useful resources, contacts, and key steps for navigating the asylum process and types of protection under Italian and EU law.


Published Research:



Nosapo continues to raise funds for our Freedom Project - supporting Arrival Pamplet distributions internationally as well as distribution of our educational materials at no cost to refugee and asylum seekers.


Coming in 2019

  • Women's Rights Curriculum

  • Women's Rights and Resource Booklet for Palermo, Italy

  • Teaching on the Ground: Practices for Mindful, Grounded Teaching -Learn More-

  • Inspiration Compilation -Learn More-

  • Policy Change: We are reaching those the people that can make change happen - that means you! We are working to garner signatures, form communities, and network to get the attention of people in power to make the changes that need to happen.

  • More trauma informed, culturally sensitive ESOL materials -View Our ESOL Materials-

  • Freedom Project Partners - We are seeking organizations to partner with for our Freedom Project. We are inspired by the work of others accommodating similar populations in ways we cannot, and we want to offer support in ways of educational human rights materials. Connect with us to be a partner for educational materials at no cost.

  • Knowledge empowers, and the best form of advocacy is to stay informed.

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