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Information for arrivals to Italy


Our arrival materials encompass pertinent information for individuals arriving as refugees or asylum seekers to a country in the European Union.

We are currently conducting research and working on the text for our information for arrivals to Italy. When complete this information will be available on this site.

We will be working in southern Italy distributing materials in the form of booklets and flyers. We will also distribute phones and tablets with vital information and contacts, as well as applications for language, transportation, and safety.

Our information for arrivals will include the following information in a physical pamphlet format followed by more detail for each category on our website:

  1. Available camps and shelters

  2. Available medical aid; information for free services and if ID cards are necessary, also available medical aid for specific populations and include these details (i.e: dentistry, OBGYN, MSF victims of Torture, Pediatrics, Immunocompromised, etc.)

  3. Legal Aid; including pro-bono services only, and services outside of UN offices as well.

  4. Details on Asylum Application on Arrival, also arriving with a white card that has been stamped in another country (Greece) procedures

    1. Explanation on current policies and EU processes

  5. Process for family reunification

    1. Example: If an individual is reuniting with family in Italy

    2. Example: If a white card has been stamped in italy and an individual may be awaiting asylum decision but seek family reunification in another EU country.

  6. Information specific to unaccompanied minors: safe houses and shelters, specialized legal aid, Solidarity Now contact if available

  7. School enrollment & free education services other than public schools if enrollment deadlines have passed or unavailable

  8. Information specific to unaccompanied females including female shelters, NGOs directed toward women refugees and asylum seekers

  9. Map for target areas such as medical help and social work (housing, clothing, food pantries) as well as public transportation maps

  10. Transportation information and criteria for each method of transportation (ID, Passport, things to be aware of) as well as apps to help guide people to use public transportation systems


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Here is some reading on situations and experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in Italy: