Nosapo created the only Women’s Human Rights Curriculum that encompasses only current information and events, that is designed for accessibility for a range of ages and settings, written in plain language that is appealing for all learners, and is written to empower individuals, and especially women, to protect and promote human rights for all. To rise from surviving to thriving, it is paramount to promote human rights and equality to all individuals. Populations must understand equality, recognize and protect their rights and the rights of others, and this comprehend the deserved fair treatment for all. Teaching women’s rights through our Women’s Rights Curriculum creates a space for discussion, access to relevant material and evidence, and the opportunity to explore, challenge, and develop values and opinions.

The Nosapo Women’s Rights Curriculum is a tool for you to discover resources and various approaches to women’s human rights education.

This curriculum is intended to provide a holistic, culturally sensitive, and current approach to teaching women’s human rights to populations most at-risk of human rights violations. It draws upon information and experiences from educators, researchers, and front-lines human rights defenders to offer a practical and accessible approach to teaching this critical subject matter.

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Nosapo now offers a Facilitation Guide to accompany our human rights education materials: “On the Ground: Practices for Mindful, Grounded Teaching.”