Information for Arrivals

U.S.A: Information regarding how to apply for asylum safely, with the most accurate direction and current news on United States policies as well as policies in Arizona, California, and Texas. Coming soon will be a series of printable, abbreviated but pertinent information, and vital resources in these above listed states in multiple languages.

Italy: Information for individuals arriving as refugees or asylum seekers to Italy and wish to stay in Italy (applying for Asylum in Italy) or move on to another country in the European Union (by Family Reunification). Our partners in Rome and Sicily southern Italy continue to distribute Nosapo's Arrival Pamphlets and flyers.

Human Rights Curriculum

We recently published our first Human Rights Curriculum, availble in Arabic, English, French and Spanish


Nosapo will provide free distribution of materials to five chosen schools or educational outlets (an educational program within an NGO or government organization) internationally. The materials provided will be: The Nosapo Human Rights Curriculum, Beginner ESOL Portfolio, and Intermediate ESOL Portfolio, and Nosapo’s facilitation manual: Teaching on the ground practices for mindful, grounded teaching.

Nosapo’s ESOL materials are special because they encompass teaching to multi-cultural populations, in a mindful and trauma informed approach. We do our best to have them as non-age specific and relative to international populations as possible.

Inspiration Compilation


Read interviews and vignettes of inspiring people. As Adilur Rahman Khan said, "Without inspiration, motivation, you can’t do things. And for us, the inspiration is always the people."

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Nosapo’s facilitation manual

On the Ground: Practices for Mindful, Grounded Teaching


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