Nosapo is looking for individuals that exemplify any of the below qualifications:

  • Curriculum writing and/or development experience
  • Teaching and/or facilitation experience
  • Community leadership
  • English Language, Medical Care, Public Health, or Human Rights teaching/facilitation experience
  • Bachelors degree or currently enrolled in a university
  • Degrees in Education, Curriculum & Instruction, or Writing preferred
  • A passion for human rights


  • Demographic specific research for curriculum development
  • Curriculum composition & editing: The Curriculum Writing Volunteer will take part in creating curricula in the areas of English Language, Health (Medical Care, Health Literacy, Public Health) and Human Rights.
  • Exercise curriculum facilitation in small groups

  • Volunteers with Nosapo acquire front-line position experience in a volunteer-run organization. As a new organization, volunteers for Nosapo will gain knowledge in non-profit development and start-up experience. Volunteers are vital to the growth of this organization, each person is treated with individual respect and their skill-set is held at the highest regard to accomplish tasks that inspire each person.

    Please submit a resume and a letter explaining why you are interested and how you believe you can assist the organization to:

    "By volunteering for Nosapo, I’m helping to equip those who have been misplaced and mistreated with knowledge of their basic rights. Unfortunately, what we’ve termed basic human rights has not yet become common knowledge. Nosapo works to change that, and through Nosapo, I am a part of that change."

    -Kathryn, Grant Writing Volunteer