Clara Veale

Clara Veale is a photographer, writer and humanitarian worker currently working for the UNHCR in South Kivu, D.R. Congo. With a Masters' degree in international relations, conflicts & war, she uses visual media and writing to highlight complex political and social issues and advocate for social justice. www.claraveale.com / Instagram: @_claravela


Daniel McCabe

Daniel McCabe is a journalist and filmmaker from New York City. His photographs are stillshots from his acclaimed 2017 documentary film, This is Congo, which is concluding a tour of theatres in the United States and is available on iTunes. https://www.thisiscongo.com/


Ley Uwera

Ley Uwera is a Congolese photojournalist from Goma, North Kivu. Her work has appeared in Everyday Africa, BBC Afrique, and The Daily Beast, among other publications. In an interview with This is Africa (Jorrit R Dijkstra, July 7, 2015) Uwera says, “I shoot pictures because I would like the outside world to know more about some of the things that happen here but go unnoticed. I think those things are worth sharing.” http://leyuwera.tumblr.com/ / Instagram: @leyuwera1