Human rights research


A strategic geographical location and close ties with Northern Mediterranean countries have contributed to establish Morocco as a migration hub in North Africa. However, migratory pressures have also highlighted that deep inequalities and a strong influence of regional political tensions prevailed in the country, at the expense of the individuals’ rights and well-being. This short piece reflects on migration trends in Morocco, Moroccan migration policies, regional frictions, and their damaging effects on human rights.


This piece provides a brief history of Eritrea, details on the main causes of flight by Eritreans today: The government’s National Service program, Arbitrary detention by the police and military, Denial of fair and free elections, Severe limitations on freedom of movement, religion, and speech; as well as routes out of Eritrea, and Eritrean Refugee and Asylum Seeker Populations in host countries alongside a graph detailing these populations in numbers of the past 5 years. 


A short piece that focuses on the women and youth from the Northern Triangle of Central America, why they migrate to the United States of America, and why returning to their country after attempting to seek asylum or a safe life, there is a systematic lack of support tailored for these populations, and so the process works against their safety and their rights.


Resources for Human Rights Educators

These tools include human rights lessons and resources for educators teaching these concepts.