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The Inspiration Compilation features individuals who activate positive change and inspire us. These are our allies and people whom we admire. We have chosen to highlight their stories and the work that they do because not only is the work impressive, but their devotion to it as well. It is this perseverance that is special to these individuals who recognize their power and human potential, and use it for good.

In great appreciation, here we will share their stories and illustrate their accomplishments and hurdles in the work that they do.

Robert Katende

A social entrepreneur and humanitarian from Uganda with a one-of-a-kind strategy to fight poverty in the Slums. In 2002, he founded the SOM Chess Academy in Uganda, fostering leadership and life skills through mastery of the game among the youth of ghetto community in Kampala. Many participants have gone on to college and attained successful careers. It was on one of these students that the 2016 Disney movie Queen of Katwe was based. Katende has expanded SOM Chess Academy's Philosophy to seven other locations across East Africa, as well countries in South America and North America. He spoke with Nosapo in January, 2019 about his life and work.

“You don’t need to be a practitioner in development work to promote human rights because they are something that concerns everyone, wherever we are. I think the good thing to do is to uphold values and virtues and see everyone as someone who is worthy. We are all brothers and sisters but if I can’t see myself in someone else then I end up violating their rights, because I am not able to see them in my image. But if I am able to see that they are not just my brothers, that I am because they are, I think that I will be able to uphold these values. Everyone can advocate for this. Everyone needs to lift up their voices to uphold human rights in any way we can, because they are being violated almost everywhere.”