Mission: There are no boundaries — only possibilities.

Our mission is to research, compose, and provide culturally sensitive and demographic specific human rights and education resources.



The vision is to shock the system of forced migration with education. By providing indispensable knowledge on human rights, healthcare and language, we will disrupt the cycle of displacement, dependency and refugee warehousing.

This growing phenomenon of forced long-term dependency, refugees and asylum seekers living in limbo with restrictions on the ability to be productive, denying these individuals the opportunity to make positive contributions to their host communities and their home states, frequently causes feelings of despair and hopelessness. Individualized education outreach will make a difference. Knowledge of the existence and application of these basic human rights, although idealist and not consistently upheld, can provide hope, and holding hope is empowering to those whose rights have been violated.


About Nosapo:

Nosapo is a 501 (C)(3) Massachusetts nonprofit organization, founded in 2016, providing thoroughly researched, culturally sensitive, and demographic specific human rights, health, and educational resources. Knowledge empowers, and the best form of advocacy is to stay informed. 

The future for Nosapo is to maintain teams of curricula writers and field educators. The idea is to research, create, and educate. Our writers will research and create curricula. Educators will train and educate in the field and in our classrooms. We are also reliant on educators to research and return information from their field experiences to continue to create working educational materials.

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Nosapo is a Karen-Burmese word meaning ‘small flower’ a nickname given by friends to founder, Melanie, when working in Mae Wang, Thailand.

Like this small flower-the dandelion symbolizes an abundance of innate potential to be shared. Historically, the dandelion symbolizes surviving through all challenges and difficulties and a reminder to use innate intelligence in dealing with every kind of situation-especially when overcoming an obstacle.

The Dandelion flower’s message is do not give up, even if those around you keep trying to get rid of you.