Motivation Monday


About Nosapo’s Motivation Monday Series…

There are so many reasons to work in advocacy. With time and experience, those reasons may be sharpened or re-imagined. But, for some of us, the harsh, perpetual existence of darkness in the world can force us to step away from working in the thick of it all.

At Nosapo, we want to explore how to create sustainable advocacy work - applying passion, idealism, and practical solutions to the gritty reality of need.

The world needs lasting options that prevent burnout and irreparable disillusionment for workers.

In pursuit of this, members of our team are sharing their motivations. Each Monday, there will be a different #MondayMotivation post from a Nosapo board member, volunteer, or a person that inspires us.

We hope this series will encourage those already in advocacy work to keep going, and also to spur those who have been thinking about jumping in to take their first steps in getting involved.


“If you use your voice, you will burn, but not burn out.”

-Motivation From Founder & Director, Melanie McCarthy