Partner with Nosapo

We are seeking like-minded organizations and businesses to foster strategic partnerships with. In these partnerships, we would like to offer reciprocal support in the following ways: Social Media Marketing, Constituent Relations Publicity, Advertising Space. We are open to additional ways in which we can support one another and look forward to discussing this. All that we ask in a strategic partnership is reciprocal support and a commitment to terms agreed upon. We look forward to supporting your work!

We are also seeking partnerships for our Freedom Project. The Nosapo Freedom (Free Distribution of Materials) Project offers our human rights education materials at no-cost to organizations reaching migrant, refugee, and asylum communities anywhere in the world.

Meet our partners


Border kindness

mexicali/Calexico border, mexico/usa

Border Kindness provides a solution for refugees – and for the people and organizations that work tirelessly to help them. Border Kindness provides migrants, refugees, and the displaced with comprehensive services that include food, shelter, clothing and medical care. Programs and interventions are designed to identify, protect and nurture the most vulnerable – including women, children, elderly and families. Border Kindness believes everyone should have the opportunity to live free of pain, hunger, intimidation and fear.


The “Migrant Caravan” isn’t a one-time event. The ongoing Central & North American Refugee Crisis is rooted in economic, environmental, social, and cultural inequities. The issue was confusing and complex prior to becoming a tool of fear for political gain – now it is the most politicized and misunderstood issue of our time. Border Kindness responds to the immediate needs of migrants and refugees – as well as identifies and assists other organizations that efficiently and justly help the vulnerable in the Mexicali/Calexico Border Region.

Border Kindness distributes Nosapo’s information for people USA arrivals; Nosapo also creates tailored health literacy and staff education materials for Border Kindness.


Differenza Donna

Rome, Italy


Differenza Donna formed in Rome on 6th March 1989 with the goal of exposing, combating, preventing and overcoming gender-based violence. Since the beginning, the Association has held the view that the discrimination, marginalisation and oppression of women are a widespread, complex and serious social phenomenon that can be effectively fought through specific competences only. Differenza Donna maintains several projects leading women who have experienced gender-based violence to rediscover their identities, their values and competences, so as to find once again the will to build a new life.

Together, Differenza Donna and Nosapo are co-creating materials that foster the safety and independence of women; these materials include human rights education specific to women's rights, anti-violence and discrimination, information to guide women toward safe, independent living, as well as providing protection services and informational support. Differenza Donna has been provided with Nosapo's educational materials including our Human Rights Curriculum and the Information for Arrivals booklets-all materials provided in English, French and Arabic. 

Differenza Donna is also a partner of Nosapo's Freedom Project


The "Women of Benin City" association was founded in 2015 with the support of the project  "The Girl of Benin City" by Isoke Akypitanyi. The association was created by and is now comprised of former victims of trafficking. The Women of Benin City know how to talk with these girls, and sharing the same dialect and the same past is a fundamental element that reassures them. The task of cultural mediators, who know the voodoo, the way of thinking and living, the religious symbologies of their country, becomes essential to help these girls, not only to get out of the way, but also to make a path of reappropriation of their own identity and their own life. In the last year, the association has helped more than 25 girls - both minors and adults - to get out of the way. At this time, the women have created a drop-in centre as a safe space for women to get support and advice on a range of issues and to share skills and experience. The space serves to support women's individual needs and problems; provide advice and assistance with appointments and documentation, clothing and refreshments. 

Together, Associazione Donne Di Benin City and Nosapo will co-create materials specific to the population of women they serve. Associazione Donne Di Benin City will also be provided with Nosapo's women's human rights education materials, fostering the safety and independence of women that are victims of trafficking and/or gender-based violence. The "Women of Benin City" has been provided with Nosapo's educational materials including our Human Rights Curriculum and the Information for Arrivals booklets-all materials provided in English, French and Arabic. 

The Associazione Donne Di Benin City  is also a partner of Nosapo's Freedom Project