As we work to fulfill our mission to provide thoroughly researched, culturally sensitive and demographic specific human rights, health, and educational resources, 

we have new announcements...

Thanks to the hard work of our research volunteers,  we have prepared our project for migrants arriving to Italy to seek asylum. In doing so, we created informational booklets in Arabic, English and French, and will be distributing those in southern Italy! We also published detailed information and extensive lists of resources on our website

The Nosapo Human Rights Curriculum provides a comprehensive and current education on human rights and is a tool for any facilitator to discover resources and various approaches to human rights education.

It is now available in Arabic, French, Spanish and English!


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We continue to accept donations for this project... 
With your donation, you are helping to keep people connected and begin a safe life.
Funds go toward printing costs for booklets and flyers as well as sim cards for phones and tablets.

Thank you to those that have donated. 
We have printed over 800 booklets, ~100 fliers, and copies of the Human Rights Curriculum to distribute to individuals in need and donate to our partner organizations in Italy.

Thank you for you're interest in our progress!