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"By volunteering for Nosapo, I’m helping to equip those who have been misplaced and mistreated with knowledge of their basic rights. Unfortunately, what we’ve termed basic human rights has not yet become common knowledge. Nosapo works to change that, and through Nosapo, I am a part of that change."

-Kathryn, Grant Writing Volunteer


Kara Doriani O’Shee, Research Manager

Kara is a researcher who is passionate about using evidence to develop solutions to social problems. Working at Nosapo has given her the opportunity to learn more about refugee issues and international human rights. She enjoys collaborating with other staff to create demographic-specific materials to inform refugees about their rights and the resources available to them. When asked why she chose Nosapo, Kara says: “Nosapo’s mission to empower refugees through knowledge is important because it underscores its belief in the agency, resilience, and dignity of all human beings, most especially when they are in the midst of extreme circumstances such as those faced by refugees.”

Kara earned her Master of Science in Education (International Education Development Program) from the University of Pennsylvania. She has lived in Chile since 2015 following completion of her internship at the UNESCO. Living abroad has allowed her to develop her language and cultural skills while gaining professional experience in a variety of contexts. She is currently also involved in a research project in Global Health Diplomacy at the University of Chile. In the future, Kara hopes to work on advancing policy solutions in the field of human rights.


Cristina Pagone, Research and Writing Volunteer, Italian Translator

Cristina is currently pursuing the International Human Rights Law LL.M at Brunel University London, having previously graduated in Law at Università degli Studi di Ferrara (Italy). She is interested in forced migration issues, with particular reference to women’s rights. She strongly believes that education and sharing information are important tools to eradicate discrepancies between people and to ensure an equal enforcement of human rights principles. She joined Nosapo because she enjoys the way that the organization provides useful information to asylum seekers and refugees to make them aware of their entitlements during the asylum procedure and after they are granted the international protection.

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Jeremy Holt, Research and Writing Volunteer

Jeremy is working towards a Bachelor of Arts at Wheaton College (Mass.), majoring in English and International Relations. His focus is on the Middle East and Africa, the latter which he believes is poised to become a major center of global importance. Prior to joining Nosapo, he taught high school social entrepreneurship in Sekondi, Ghana with IDEA4Africa, and studied abroad at University of Cape Town. He is currently researching for his honors thesis on Pan-Africanism and US foreign policy and is preparing for a second semester abroad in Israel. He strongly supports Nosapo's efforts to help African refugees reassert their agency in a climate that too often portrays them as victims.


Renae Williams, Research and Marketing Volunteer

Renae is currently working towards a Masters in Commerce and Economic Development. Her focus on economic development is about advancing the welfare of each global citizen through economic, political, and societal wellness, which also includes achieving sustainable human development. Additionally, she is an avid participant in community development and engagement: from participating in the Alternative Spring Break program, at Suffolk University (which allows students to engage in meaningful community service experiences during spring break), to volunteering her time with Habitat for Humanity, Cradles to Crayon, Pine Street Inn Homeless Shelter, The Food Bank, and so on.

Renae says she volunteers with Nosapo, "Because, I believe, life will always be at an imbalance until the world is just. Each individual has the complete right to opportunities and freedoms they believe will advance and improve their lives regardless of nationality, race, creed, etc. And Nosapo dares to inform people of these rights!"


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