Nosapo, inc. is a 501(c)(3) volunteer-run Massachusetts non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors. We are grateful to our volunteer staff and Board of Directors for their time and sharing their passions; together we are able to realize the evolution and fulfillment of our mission.

Board of Directors

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Alexandra Johnson, Board Member + West Coast Ambassador
"Allie is excited about the future of Nosapo and hopes for a future where more rights are known, recognized, and respected worldwide."

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Renae Williams, Board Secretary
"I believe, life will always be at an imbalance until the world is just. Each individual has the complete right to opportunities and freedoms they believe will advance and improve their lives regardless of nationality, race, creed, etc. And Nosapo dares to inform people of these rights! "

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James McCann, Board Treasurer

Jim is Treasurer of the the Board of Directors for Nosapo, and is thrilled to bring his non-profit accounting experience to the organization. With his diverse background in finance, science, art, music, and a natural zest for life; Jim truly puts the treasure back in Treasurer.

Caroline Evans, Board Member
"Caroline has dedicated her studies to learning how gender inequalities, poverty, and governmental instability make certain populations more vulnerable to trafficking."

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Samantha Noderer, Board Member
"With a background in writing, design, public health and marketing, she is fascinated by the powerful combination of science, art and technology for uncovering insights and influencing positive change."

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Melanie McCarthy, Founder + Executive Director
"Melanie began Nosapo as a website and resource to activists, educators & facilitators, healthcare administrators, and learners-any person that may benefit from the research and education materials. In going further, creating Nosapo into an organization was natural to reach individuals with greater impact."

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Nosapo could not exist without the dedication of those who volunteer their time and share in our commitment to human rights and education. 

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