Your Rights as a Minor in Italy

If you are under 18 and came to Italy to escaping war, poverty, or other bad conditions in your country—

you have rights protected by Italian law.

*Refer to Glossary of Terms for definitions of highlighted terms. 

Click below to download your rights as a minor in Italy (in English and Arabic). 


1.    Safe Entry & Residence Permit: If you came to Italy seeking asylum, you cannot be rejected at the border. You have the right to be given a residence permit.

A juvenile court can send you back to your country only under rare circumstances; a court must make this decision within 30 days of your arrival to Italy.  


2.    Determining Your Status: You have the right to receive humanitarian assistance, first aid & shelter upon arrival (including before the interview, before status is determined).

When you are interviewed by a governmental official, you have the right to be accompanied by a cultural mediator and your temporary guardian.  


3.    Family, Foster Placement, or Repatriation: When in your best interest, the local juvenile court can order your assisted, voluntary repatriation to be with your family.

If you have family members in Italy, you have the right to stay with them. If no family member is available to take care of you, then you will be placed with a foster family.  


4.    Health and Education: You have the right to health and education (before receiving  residence permit). You also have the right to a cultural mediator when decisions are being made about your health and education needs.


5.    The Right to Be Heard: You have the right to speak at any proceeding involving you.

You must give your consent to receive help from a non-governmental organization in legal procedures; you are not obligated to receive help from any organization.

You have the right to a lawyer you trust to represent you.


6.    Protection from Trafficking: It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that you do not become a victim of human trafficking.  You have the right to receive protection as well as psychosocial, medical, and legal assistance.  

If you have been trafficked, you have the right to receive adequate assistance as compensation for damages.


Download your rights as a minor in Italy (in English and Arabic):