Nosapo will provide free distribution of materials to organizations, schools, and educational outlets internationally.

Freedom Project educational materials include: Information for migrants arriving to ItalyNosapo Human Rights Curriculum; Women's Rights Curriculum; On the Ground: Practices for Mindful, Grounded Teaching; and Nosapo's ESOL Materials. 

Nosapo also works with our partner organizations to co-create materials specific to the populations that they serve and educational needs. In this way, we are also updating our materials to serve our partners as best we can. 

Information & Resources for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

arrivals to the united states

(southern border)

Information regarding how to apply for asylum safely, with the most accurate direction and current news on United States policies as well as policies in Arizona, California, and Texas. We have also listed key resources in Arizona, California, and Texas such as: social services (housing, meals, clothing), medical/healthcare services, legal aid, support for women, and organizations for children/unaccompanied minors. Coming soon will be a series of printable, abbreviated but pertinent information, and vital resources in these above listed states in multiple languages.


Nosapo arrival materials encompass pertinent information for individuals arriving as refugees or asylum seekers to Italy, who may or may not wish to relocate to another country in the European Union.

Booklets printed in English, Arabic, French, and Italian encompass useful resources, contacts, and key steps for navigating the asylum process and types of protection under Italian and EU law.

Booklets encompass essential information and resources in Italy, as well as specific booklets for Rome, Sicily, Naples, and Milan. 


Reporting on the cornerstone of human rights, forced migration, and advocacy, this accumulative perspective spotlights populations who stories are essential contributions to the current forced migration patterns of the world.

This Curriculum provides a comprehensive and current education on human rights and is a tool for any facilitator discover resources and various approaches to human rights education.

It is now available in Arabic, French, Spanish and English.

motivation Mondays

At Nosapo, we want to explore how to create sustainable advocacy work - applying passion, idealism, and practical solutions to the gritty reality of need.

The world needs lasting options that prevent burnout and irreparable disillusionment for workers.

In pursuit of this, members of our team are sharing their motivations.